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I already posted this on AO3, but for my Seasons of Kink and HC Bingo cards (for the prompts "obscenity" and "dub-con," respectfully), I also wanted to post this here.

This was also written for a mini-fest that's currently being held at [ profile] dw_guestfest, if you'd like to play.

Title: A Season in Amiens
Rating: Mature/R
Word Count: 1228
Characters: Ashildr | Me/original male character
Notes: contains dubious consent, whipping, and implied sexual content

"I once spent a season getting tied up every night by a young monk in a flagellant's monastery in Amiens. We both learned a lot that year." -- Alys (Ashildr), "The Triple Knife"

A brief glimpse into the year Alys spent in the monastery.

A Season in Amiens )
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I have work to do on all these fanwork indexes, especially with Torchwood and Doctor Who. I think I'll keep my fanwork indexes limited to fandoms I've written a lot in, like 30-40 fics or more, as opposed to fandoms I've only written for in small amounts.

That said, I'll consider, but not promise, a Gossip Girl and a Leverage fanwork index as well.

  • Torchwood
  • Burn Notice
  • Doctor Who (I stopped working on this for reasons only I know)
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    I wanted to promote this ficathon hosted on LJ, since I've just stumbled upon it:


    come have a blast!

    From the ficathon's post:

    This ficathon is for all those fics you always wanted but have never gotten. Shame ships, obscure fandoms, that same prompt you've been shopping at every ficathon since the dawn of time – this is the place for all of that. Get to prompting!

    How do I know what I can and can't prompt?
    I would say pretty much anything and everything goes. There are no prompt police here. We are all outlaws. Any and all fandoms apply!

    How much can I prompt?
    GO HAM.

    I've already left a couple prompts there. (I'd be surprised if anyone wrote them because they're for small and/or dead fandoms.) But feel free to swing by and prompt and fill to your heart's delight, if you'd like!
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    My first fic in over a year for Orphan Black! I was disillusioned by the fandom and the canon for a bit, but I've returned to writing for it.

    Title: Couples Art Therapy | AO3
    Fandom: Orphan Black
    Wordcount: 569 words
    Rating: Teen
    Character: Alison Hendrix
    Pairing: (established Alison Hendrix/Donnie Hendrix)
    Prompts: [community profile] hc_bingo, square "counseling," and [community profile] fic_promptly, prompt Any - Any - 'Memory' from Cats
    Notes: Set in season 1, when Alison and Donnie went to couples therapy. Slight changes from the original fill.
    Summary: Alison recalls the first time she and Donnie met.

    Couples Art Therapy )
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    ETA: The editor of Sunday's Who Daily mistakenly put this post in today's newsletter. In no way am I taking credit for my gift below. Putting this note here in case this post doesn't get removed from today's newsletter.

    I think this is the very last gift I never noted in my journal. Maybe I'm wrong and I miscalculated, but I'm sure this is it.

    This was my gift from the first Public Call:

    Measureless to Man (1814 words) by subjunctive
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Eleventh Doctor & Clara Oswin Oswald
    Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Eleventh Doctor
    Additional Tags: Episode: s07e08 The Rings of Akhaten, Poetry, hints of Clara/Eleven


    Not all the Doctor's adventures involve life-threatening dangers and life-affirming victories, Clara finds. There are quiet moments, moments just as beautiful, as well.

    sort-of post-ep interlude for "The Rings of Akhaten," set between the time the Doctor and Clara finish their adventure but before he drops her off at home.

    I wrote Hen Night [Eleven/River, Strax, General Audiences] for [ profile] Arien.
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    ETA: The editor of Sunday's Who Daily mistakenly put this post in today's newsletter. In no way am I taking credit for my gift below. Putting this note here in case this post doesn't get removed from today's newsletter.

    [community profile] eleventyfest was a ficathon centered around the Eleventh Doctor. The only round was in 2013.

    This was my gift:

    Paper plans (13003 words) by Radiolaria
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Doctor Who (2005), Doctor Who
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: Eleventh Doctor/River Song, The Doctor/River Song
    Characters: Eleventh Doctor, River Song
    Additional Tags: AU, Fluff, Adventure, Mountains, Swearing
    Series: Part 1 of Mauvais Genre


    River is falling, awful fast, and the wind is howling –as is Idris who is tired of seeing her best pilot losing her best airplanes.

    1930s, Air mailing AU.

    I wrote For the Good of the Earth [Eleven, Ace, General Audiences, not sure why I locked down my journal post here for friends only, but I've unlocked it again] for [personal profile] nonelvis.
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    Took a couple days off regarding accounting for past exchange gifts I haven't put up here, but I'm back at it.

    [community profile] sixathon was a ficathon centered on the Sixth Doctor. The last round was held in 2013.

    I did write something for this ficathon, but after the ficathon, I orphaned the work on AO3 and deleted the work from my journal. I prefer not to go further into detail, not in a public post.

    My gift was Apocrypha [Six, Martha, PG-13; unfinished WIP] by [ profile] eve11.
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    Title: The Knightmare's Boots
    Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
    Wordcount: 520
    Rating: Mature
    Pairing: Ashildr | Me/Clara
    Contains: boot worship
    Prompt: [ profile] femslash_today porn battle: Doctor Who, Ashildr | Me/Clara, boots & [community profile] seasonofkink: non-boot fetish
    Notes: plot what plot fic, pretty much
    Summary: The Knightmare demands payment after she saves Clara.

    Read more... )
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    Five fics (my gifts: one Doctor Who [1963], one Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, one Burn Notice; what I wrote, two Doctor Who [2005]), so there will be two cuts.

    My gifts )

    What I wrote )
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    In my post for Words That Begin with M (Luther, John Luther/Alice Morgan/Mark North, Mature) I mentioned [ profile] afullmargin writing for me, but I never linked the actual piece to my journal.

    Takes All Kinds (4488 words) by anemptymargin
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Burn Notice
    Rating: Explicit
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Sam Axe/Fiona Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen
    Characters: Sam Axe, Fiona Glenanne, Jesse Porter, Michael Westen
    Additional Tags: I Saw Three Ships, Foursome - F/M/M/M, PWP
    Summary: Cooped up in a five-star hotel, what's a girl to do but provide her own entertainment? Particuarly when most of her company is more than willing, and Michael bends so nicely.

    Link on the 3 Ships site.
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    Specifically a shipping manifesto in the style of [ profile] ship_manifesto. And I never shared it, until now. I edited out all the dead links and added one more link since I made this.

    resources )
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    I participated in the first year of Galentine's Day, well before the community was deleted. The deletion of the community still saddens me, especially since not everyone that submitted a fic to that comm crossposted to other journals and fic archives.

    My author did, fortunately, crosspost my gift to AO3:

    She Wears Heels (1218 words) by Missy
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Burn Notice
    Rating: Mature
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Minor or Background Relationship(s), Fiona Glenanne/Dani Pearce
    Characters: Fiona Glenanne, Dani Pearce
    Additional Tags: New Zealand, Missing Persons, One-Sided Relationship, Unrequited Love, Community: galentinesday
    Summary: It’s a world without boys when Fiona and Pearce go in search of a kidnapped Jesse in Australia.

    I wrote The Birthday Date (Burn Notice, Fiona/Sam, Michael's team + Jesse) for Missy. (Now on LJ.)
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    Also known as [ profile] dwsanta. This was the last year this Secret Santa exchange ran.

    My gift was Coral Tunnels (Ten/Rose, R) by [ profile] gentlehobbit.

    I wrote Sandwich (Eleven/River/Jack, NC-17) for [ profile] navaan. (LJ link generated after I changed my username. Links include links to AO3 and Teaspoon.)
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    Back in 2012, [ profile] dw_femslash had a femslash ficathon/exchange. It would be the comm's last ficathon. Now there's the occasional fic post at the comm and that's it.

    My gift for this ficathon was Tiller (Leela/TARDIS, Teen) by [ profile] neveralarch. (AO3. Teaspoon.)

    I wrote The Best Archaeologist in Mutter's Spiral (Romana II/River, Romana I, Mature, sexual content) for [ profile] jinxed_wood.


    Jul. 4th, 2016 05:32 pm
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    [community profile] femslash12 was the last of the femslash[year] exchanges that were run by [personal profile] mosca. It's not related to [community profile] femslashex.

    My gift that year was Rewards (Rizzoli & Isles, Rizzoli/Isles, PG) by [personal profile] ariestess.

    I wrote The Rotted Dam Job (Leverage, Tara/Parker, NC-17) for [personal profile] cdybedahl.
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    Title: Arya Stark, Never Beaten | AO3
    Fandom: Game of Thrones
    Wordcount: ~900 words
    Rating: Mature
    Characters: Arya Stark, the Waif, Jaqen H'ghar
    Pairings: Arya/the Waif
    Warnings: non-con (no sex)
    Contains: caning, torture. Set during season six.
    Prompt: Game of Thrones, Arya/The Waif, impact play
    Notes: For [ profile] femslash_today's 2016 porn battle. Also for [community profile] hc_bingo, square "bruises," and [community profile] seasonofkink, square "power play."
    Summary: The Waif uses Arya's inexperience for her own benefit.

    Arya Stark, Never Beaten )
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    winter_deaddrop started off as a Burn Notice secret Santa community, then became more or less a prompt community after that. It's dead now, pretty much. I participated in what probably was the last exchange for the comm. My recipient and I were the only people in this exchange, mostly because Burn Notice was (and maybe still is, IDK) eligible for Yuletide. Most people that tend to request Burn Notice in multifandom exchanges request it for Yuletide.

    Anyway, here is my gift from that last exchange:

    Escape Plan (1544 words) by Evil_Little_Dog
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Burn Notice
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, Sam Axe & Fiona Glenanne & Michael Westen
    Characters: Michael Westen, Fiona Glenanne, Sam Axe, Madeline Westen, Nate Westen, Jesse Porter
    Additional Tags: Community: winter_deaddrop, Holiday Fic Exchange
    Summary: Christmas isn’t Christmas without snow. But maybe there’s more than snow needed.

    winter_deaddrop link.

    I wrote Groundhog Day for [ profile] evil_little_dog. (Direct LJ link here.)


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