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Reveals were around midnight EST, so I decided to go to bed and then come back and post this.

For [ profile] Missy:

The Lentel Hotel (2254 words) by merryghoul
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: This is Spinal Tap (1984)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls, Nigel Tufnel, Ian Faith, Original Characters
Additional Tags: EDM - Freeform, Miami, Miami Music Week, Hotels, Minor Character Death, Original Character Death(s), Clubbing
Summary: Spinal Tap reluctantly go to Miami Music Week to play with an EDM deejay.
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I...totally forgot what Rare Women called itself during the last year it ran, sorry.

I saw something that reminded me of Rare Women, and I realized I never posted a link to the fic I received from the first year that exchange started running. And I should've, because I ended up on the pinch hit list. So here is the fic:

To Suit a Girl of Her Charms (1216 words) by voodoochild
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Boardwalk Empire
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chalky White/Lenore White
Characters: Lenore White, Albert "Chalky" White
Additional Tags: Backstory, Courtship, Class Issues, Female Character of Color, POV Character of Color
Summary: Albert White isn't the sort of man Lenore Sutler is supposed to marry. No one told her that.

As originally crossposted here, I wrote a Burn Notice fic for the first year of Rare Women, "Zombie Clowns at the Shooting Range." (LJ link, the one generated after I changed my user name.)
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I pretty much got sucked into trying to edit my Het Big Bang fic (and, after edits, I still need about 3K words to be at word count, wtf), my review of The Legends of Ashildr, and thinking about something for Season of Kink (kind of historical smut, woo...?!), sorry about that.

I'll post my Every Woman stuff earlier than this, I promise.

This was my gift:

It's Enough (1664 words) by Joanne_c
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift (Music Video)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Marjorie Finn/Robert Kingsley
Characters: Marjorie Finn, Robert Kingsley
Summary: Sometimes, you can have what you want without it lasting forever.

I wrote this for [ profile] eos_3:

With Still Life (2080 words) by merryghoul
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: What Else Is There? - Röyksopp (Music Video)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: Inanimate Objects, Electricity
Summary: A woman in a painting makes the rest of a gallery's paintings move in search of companionship.

I took a pinch hit for [ profile] havisham:

Forever Yours (1464 words) by merryghoul
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sheath and Knife (Ballad)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Original Female Character/Original Male Character
Characters: Original Characters
Additional Tags: Brother/Sister Incest, Teen Pregnancy, Unplanned Pregnancy, Child Murder, Murder, Archery
Summary: Megan and Willie thought they'd never get caught. Then Megan became pregnant.
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Who is Ashildr?

When the Doctor and Clara meet Ashildr (played by Maisie Williams, best known for portraying Arya Stark on Game of Thrones) in Series Nine, Ashildr is a puppet-maker in a ninth-century Viking village. Although she feels like she doesn't fit in with the villagers and is their harbinger of bad luck, she defends the village she loves against an alien warrior race known as the Mire. She uses a Mire helmet to create a sea serpent illusion to scare the Mire away from her village. However, the helmet stops her heart and she dies. Unable to accept Ashildr's death, the Doctor takes a Mire repair kit, used by the Mire to continuously repair themselves in battle, and modifies it for a human. The repair kit not only revives Ashildr, it also makes her immortal. She eventually outlives the show's semi-immortal and immortal characters, making it to the end of time. There is a cost, though: outliving everyone she loves and her limited human memory makes her jaded to the point where she renounces names and calls herself "Me."

The Legends of Ashildr covers the period between "The Girl Who Died" and "The Woman Who Lived," presenting four tales where she travels the globe and gets into trouble. A theme persists in all of these stories: greed usually claims the lives of people, either innocent or deserving of death. And no matter how many people Ashildr meets on their travels, she's the last person standing in all of them.

A note: "The Arabian Knightmare" and "The Fortunate Isles" are written in third person while "The Triple Knife" and "The Ghosts of Branscome Wood" are written in first. Also, although "The Fortunate Isles" happens after "The Triple Knife," it's the second short story in this collection. It's an interesting editorial decision, but it didn't seriously hamper my reading of this book.

The Arabian Knightmare )

The Fortunate Isles )

The Triple Knife )

The Ghosts of Branscome Wood )

Conclusion )
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Title: Return of the Immortal Viking Woman
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)/Vikings (TV)
Pairing/Characters: Ashildr | Me/Clara Oswald, Harald Finehair
Rating: Mature
Length: 2261

The Immortal Viking Claims Her Wife

Clara Oswald was giddy when she married her friend Me. But fearless raider Me has been gone so long, Me's proud arrogance is the only memory Clara retains of her. Now Clara must remarry to protect her TARDIS.

But then, on Clara's wedding day, the conquering warrior returns to gasps of horror and surprise! After all, Me was supposed to be dead, though to Clara's starved gaze Me seems very much flesh and blood...and less than impressed to find her beautiful wife intent on marrying someone else!

Notes: Fic based on the summary for Return of the Viking Warrior by Michelle Styles. For [community profile] unconventionalcourtship and [community profile] seasonofkink (square: hurt & comfort). Fic contains some references to The Legends of Ashildr, but you don't need to read that collection of short stories to understand what's going on.

Link: Also on AO3.

Return of the Immortal Viking Woman )
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Under the cut. It's a picture, so I'll try to link to my fills in the comments.

under the cut )
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Hi, Every Woman creator! I'm [personal profile] merryghoul. I have a few media accounts here and there, but if you want to see what I'm into, you can check out my Pinboard: [ profile] merryghoul.

I'll start with my DNWs. I would like to not see or read about the following:
  • character bashing
  • crossovers
  • excessive whump (what I would call "characters constantly getting hurt")
  • vomitplay
  • high school/college AUs
  • mundane AUs, especially for the sci-fi and fantasy canons I've requested
  • curtainfic/curtainart
  • anything dealing with non-canon impregnation, babies, and/or children (I'm fine with things like Helena being pregnant in Orphan Black, or Fiona raising Charlie in Burn Notice)
  • fics written in the second person
  • works based around songs

    For this exchange, I'm requesting fanart and fanfic!

    So here is what I'm requesting this year:

    Fandoms: Orphan Black, Doctor Who (1963 and 2005), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Luther, The Librarians, Burn Notice, American Horror Story: Hotel, Game of Thrones )
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    Okay, so I'm officially committed to Het Big Bang.

    [community profile] het_bigbang is back for another round of awesomeness and we want you to come join us!!

    Big Bang: 25,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
    Little Bang: 10,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
    Author Sign Up I Artist Sign Up I Beta Sign Up I Cheerleading Sign Up

    Author Sign Ups - Open till May 17th, 12:00 PM (NOON) PST
    Mandatory Author Checkpoint - July 15th
    Artist Claiming of Big Bang Stories - July 20th
    Art and Fics Due - August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST
    Debut Date (DD) - August 31st

    FAQ here!

    (There's a mirror comm, [community profile] het_bigbang, but most administration will be on LJ.)

    Currently writing this now, but it's Eleven/River facing off against a (fictional, humanoid) dictator. Some ideas I had for Heroine Big Bang (which I have quit, despite the mod recently appearing to attempt to do a new schedule) as well as (the now deleted) River's Five will be reworked into the story.
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    I wrote this for the Be the First Challenge:

    Wedding Day Jitters (328 words) by merryghoul
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Heather's American Medicine (Web Series)
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Characters: Heather McCloud
    Additional Tags: Internalized Homophobia, Bad Advice
    Summary: How two women should prepare for their wedding, according to Heather McCloud.

    Heather's American Medicine is a webseries starring Michelle Gomez (before she was Missy on Doctor Who, IIRC). I do include a link and a short description of the series in the fic.

    The mod is encouraging others to look at all the fics in the collection. Here's an alternative fandom list for the challenge.
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    This is what I wrote for Smut Swap, for [ profile] SegaBarrett:

    (I Long to Be) Close to You (1045 words) by merryghoul
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Better Call Saul (TV)
    Rating: Explicit
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Saul Goodman | Jimmy McGill/Kim Wexler
    Characters: Jimmy McGill | Saul Goodman, Kim Wexler
    Additional Tags: Cunnilingus, Cultural References, The Carpenters
    Summary: Jimmy's already planned out his morning, but Kim has other plans.

    This is my gift:

    And TARDIS Makes Three (1746 words) by EmmaDeMarais
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
    Rating: Explicit
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Eleventh Doctor/River Song, Eleventh Doctor/River Song/The Doctor's TARDIS
    Characters: Eleventh Doctor, River Song, The Doctor's TARDIS
    Additional Tags: Tentacles, Spanking, Anal Sex, Bondage, Telepathic Sex, Zero-gravity sex, Threesome, Sonic Screwdriver
    Summary: Apparently having a threesome with a telepathic entity has its advantages

    Oh, and I added my banner to my DW All Sorts table.
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    Finally, my completed prompt table on AO3 is here:

    Further Adventures of Ashildr and Clara (4204 words) by merryghoul
    Chapters: 20/20
    Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
    Rating: Not Rated
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Ashildr | Lady Me/Clara Oswin Oswald
    Characters: Ashildr | Lady Me, Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald & Ashildr | Lady Me's TARDIS
    Additional Tags: Community: dw_allsorts, Ficlet Collection, Fairy Tale Retellings, The Golden Bird, Chases, Clouds, Prophetic Dreams, Doctor Who References, Swordfighting, Sensuality, Tentacle Monsters, Drowning, Temporary Character Death, Community: femslashficlets, Community: femslash100, Community: fic_promptly, Mirrors, Demons, Alternate Universe - Greek Mythology, Dragons, Maps, Curtain Fic, Pining, Bells, Dominance, Submission, Mythology - Freeform, Auroras, Australia, 1920s, Character Study, Diary/Journal, Confusion, Hotels, Flirting, No Dialogue, Dialogue-Only, Self-Doubt
    Summary: Twenty ficlets themed around various fairy tale-inspired prompts. to put it on Who Daily.
    merryghoul: oswin (oswin)
    #01 – First time #02 – Doppelganger #03 – Aliens made us do it

  • [null]
  • Conjugal Visit (Explicit)
  • [null/to be revealed in June]
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    1) Will claim a smaller table at DW All Sorts soon, since I've somehow found myself working on a fic I really should not be working on at the moment. I think that and my Unconventional Courtship fic (seriously-treated crack about Me and Clara having a child and raising it as a Viking) could slot in easily in the table I'm eyeing. Same pairing.

    2) I'm not finishing River's Five, and since I think my plot to my Het Big Bang fic is too similar to River's Five, I'm pulling River's Five off of AO3. (Which means I'll be doing Het Big Bang. Pairing will most likely be Eleven/River again, with the aim to go 25K.)

    3) Eep, haven't linked to my Smut Swap fic yet. Maybe, at this rate, I'll wait until creator reveals? I also did manage to finish my fic for Smut Swap as well, so I'll be linking to that!
    merryghoul: River summer whocation (River summer whocation)
    Title: Detour in Downton | AO3
    Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
    Prompt: River Song walks into a bar and meets...Daisy Mason!
    Fandoms: Doctor Who (2005), Downton Abbey
    Word count: ~2000 words
    Rating/Contents: General audiences; no standard warnings apply
    Notes: Set after River becomes a professor in Doctor Who. Set post-series for Downton Abbey, using speculation that Daisy leaves Downton Abbey, moves into Mr Mason's farm, and eventually marries Andy Parker. Background Andy/Daisy.
    Summary: Stranded in Downton, River Song walks into the Grantham Arms, meets the former Daisy Mason, and makes Daisy's dreams come true.

    Detour in Downton )
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    I think these are all my fics from the bangs [ profile] nickygabriel. Locking so at least one of these fics don't accidentally end up on [ profile] torchwood_three. (If not, will add to that list.) Will unlock in a couple of days or so.

    This is an update of where some of these fics are, since a lot of the places I've posted the fics have been deleted.

  • Call a Cab [Torchwood/Luther] (part of the Life is All series), for casestory: LiveJournal (part 1, part 2), AO3, Teaspoon
  • Gelato in the Grove [Burn Notice], for Kid!Fic Big Bang: Dreamwidth, AO3
  • We're the McBrides [Burn Notice], for journeystory: Dreamwidth, AO3
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    I haven't seen any notices on the corresponding DW mirrors for [ profile] nickygabriel's big bangs, but on LJ nickygabriel is deleting several of their communities for their bangs. A lot of their bangs that are to be deleted are listed on the profile for kidficstory here (note: the last three are not bangs, and [ profile] marvel_slash isn't owned by nickygabriel).

    Nickygabriel says all of these communities will be deleted on March 24th, so that gives you time to find any fics you need before the comms are shut down.

    I have no idea if this affects the AO3 groups for these bangs as well. All I know is that the big bang comms will be deleted.

    As for me, I may make a list of my fics affected from these closures here, since a lot of links for those bangs are now borked because of either stuff I've deleted or stuff other people have deleted.


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