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It just hit me that the joke about Susan the horse may be referring to "A Boy Named Sue."

The horse joke has been seen as transphobic by people on Tumblr. I believe the intent was not to be offensive. But once you put something out in the media, the death of the author rule applies. I think it's unfortunate the Who production staff didn't think that people would see the "A Boy Named Sue" reference (as it was phrased) could be seen as offensive to trans* people. I wish the reference was explained more or put in the episode in a different way.

sorry about the flood of posts today

Date: 2012-09-21 07:33 pm (UTC)
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Over on [ profile] lonewytch's blog there a point made about this and a theory that the nod isn't transphobic at all and may in fact herald Oswin as a trans character.

It references another post, which I haven't yet read.



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