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So I was at a loss initially for what I would to with the "piercings/needleplay" kink for
[community profile] kink_bingo. Most of the fandoms I know well (e.g. Gossip Girl, Community, Mad Men, Burn Notice, more) don't have a lot of piercings or needleplay in their shows or in RPF, and I couldn't imagine a situation for them.

I started going through [community profile] kink_bingo 's archives for picspams, especially the ones for bandom, and I had a great idea: to challenge myself to find 20 or so pictures of Janet Jackson with piercings. I've always been a fan of hers and I feel like, through her music, I was able to develop my own sexuality. And I've always adored her piercings and tattoos. Originally I was going to focus only on The Velvet Rope era (late 1997-98), but I'm also adding a couple of photos from the Damita Jo era (2004) as well.

In this picspam you'll see Janet's septum (which has since healed over), right nipple and navel piercings. FYI, she had her tongue pierced (according to BellaOnline, that has also healed over). She also has her navel pierced as well as an unspecified genital piercing (BellaOnline says fans say it's a clitoral piercing, but, you know, it could be a labial piercing...).

The liner notes for The Velvet Rope, released October 7, 1997, shot by Ellen von Unwerth

Vibe Magazine (by von Unwerth), 1997
von Unwerth, 1997

Virgin Megastore signing, 1997

Shot by René Elizondo, Jr., 1997

"Together Again" video, 1997, director Seb Janek

"Together Again (Deeper Mix)" video, 1997-8, director René Elizondo, Jr.
Janet's right nipple with barbell and nipple shield, Super Bowl XXXVIII, February 1, 2004, Houston, Texas

The liner notes for Damita Jo, released March 30, 2004, shot by Max Vudukul
Good Morning America, March 31, 2004

Blender Magazine, 2004
Mary Ellen Matthews for Saturday Night Live, 2004
Promo picture for Saturday Night Live, 2004
V Magazine, 2004
Photo sources: Janet Xone, Kids from Fame Media, All For Janet

Videos from YouTube

All music video captures my own

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Awesome photos. ^_^


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