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*gulp* I'm not usually one to write meta about anything, but I was really motivated by this older [community profile] fem_thoughts prompt:

Crossover femslash--why do you write/read it or not write/read it? What about the characters, shows, etc. makes you pair up women from different canons? How is it different, or not, from non-crossover fic?

Although I have written other crossover femslash pairings, I decided to focus on a couple I like writing, Suzie Costello (from Torchwood; usually I write her as if she never died in canon) and Alice Morgan (from Luther). And although I wrote them once before, for [community profile] au_bingo , I came back to writing them again for a series of fics set over the universes of Torchwood, Sherlock and Luther called Suzanne Costello: Life is All. Onto the meta.

I came to write the current incarnation of Alice Morgan/Suzie Costello in my series Suzanne Costello: Life is All based off of a comment I received from [ profile] crossbigbang . There wasn't a plan originally for Alice to appear in the series; the Torchwood/Sherlock/Luther "crossover" was an AU version of Suzie Costello, using the identity of Zoe Luther, breaking out of prison after nearly killing Sherlock Holmes. Gradually I incorporated Alice into the story until I made her Suzie's lover, business partner and a parent to her daughter.

Pairing these two was easy. Both characters are serial killers with a nihilist point of view. Why not get them to fall in love?

Writing these two as parents who are involved sexually involved (and are still murderers) allowed me to buck some trends I've been seeing in Luther, Sherlock and Torchwood fanfiction. There's not a lot of femslash in Luther and Sherlock, in large part because of the dearth of well-rounded female characters in canon. Female characters in these canons are also either rarely written about (especially female characters nearing or over 40) or paired with male characters (e.g. Alice/John). And while there are several fics featuring Jack and Ianto and Sherlock and John with kids, there aren't a lot of femslash couples featured in kid!fic/curtain!fic for either Sherlock or Torchwood. By writing Alice and Suzie the way I did in Suzanne Costello: Life is All, I wanted to prove that women (no matter how dangerous they are) can be written as lovers and parents in fanfiction, even if a crossover was needed to make it all possible.


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