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Title: Freedom | AO3
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Characters: Jenny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: In London, Jenny is finally free.
A/N: Story is set after Jenny's last appearance on the show in Season 4; Jenny is at the age of consent in this story. TL;DR, this is speculative future!fic.
For [ profile] gossipgirlanon .

On the Upper East Side Jenny felt as if she had to conform. She had to live up to her father's and brother's standards. And if it wasn't that, she had to live up to Blair's imaginary standards. That didn't work out, as she was "exiled" for sleeping with Chuck (while he was never blamed).

In London, however, she had freedom. She had control over her designs in Central Saint Martins. She could drink legally, unlike the people she had to conform to at the time. And, most importantly, she could listen to her own body's needs and fulfill them.
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Title: Sotheby’s 793 | gossipgirlanon | AO3
Rating: R
Characters: Blair, Chuck
Paring: Blair/Chuck
[ profile] gossipgirlanon prompt:  C/B - Another Use for the Paddle -- 3.03 episode ... Chuck and Blair find another use for her bidding paddle
Word Count: 540
Content Notes: none
Summary: Blair punishes Chuck for taking the photograph the two were warring over.
A/N: Set in 3.03, "The Lost Boy."

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Title: mind all over the place | gossipgirlanon | AO3
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Blair/Serena
[ profile] gossipgirlanon prompt: Serena/Blair - (Voyeurism) Serena watches Blair masturbate. Blair can either be knowing or oblivious.
Summary: Blair versus a Hibachi Magic Wand.
A/N: Verging on crack, to be honest.
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Title: dorm room intruder | gossipgirlanon | AO3
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Dan, Georgina
Paring: Dan/Georgina
[ profile] gossipgirlanon prompt: Dan/Georgina: She slid in his bedroom one night ands he believes he is dreaming. Begging.
Word Count: 551
Content Notes: non-consensual sleepy sex
Summary: Georgina helps Dan out in a time of need he's not aware of.


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Title: Dual Chastity | AO3 | gossipgirlanon
Chapter: 1/1
For: [ profile] gossipgirlanon
Pairing: Chuck/Nate
Word Count: 533
Content Notes: none
Summary: Chuck is very excited about his cock cage being removed.
A/N: Um...let's just say any time after Chuck/Blair split up in S3 for the timeline. Otherwise, cracky and AU.

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The Queen

Jun. 4th, 2011 04:22 pm
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Title: The Queen | AO3
Chapter: 1/1
Relationship: Blair/Kati/Is/Penelope
Characters: Blair, Kati, Is, Penelope
Word Count: 502
Summary: PWP, inspired by a prompt at  [ profile] gossipgirlanon:  Blair forces her minions to serve her.

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Title: Thanksgiving Weekend with Daddy | AO3
For: gossipgirlanon (LJ) | link
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Relationship: Chuck/Vanessa
Characters: Chuck/Vanessa
Word Count: 336
Summary: With Blair in Paris and Chuck unwilling to let the other Upper East Siders help him, Chuck calls on the only person he can trust to discipline him: Vanessa Abrams.
A/N: Set after the events of "Treasure of the Serena Madre" but before the events of "The Debarted."


Vanessa steps out of Chuck's elevator. "I'm surprised you know my name, Chuck. Maybe you're finally getting over your Upper East Side snobbery."

"Doubt it. Look, I called you because Blair is in Paris with her family and I can't really do this with Serena or Jenny."

"I understand."

"And I don't think Nate can handle this. And still a Humphrey."

Vanessa rolls her eyes. "Do you have my towel ready?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Strip for me."

Chuck takes off his purple bathrobe and slippers. He is wearing nothing underneath.

"That was quick."

Vanessa sits in a chair isolated from the rest of Chuck's penthouse suite. She folds the towel over her lap. Chuck walks over to Vanessa and stands in front of her.

"What have you done this time, Chuck?"

"I took a bottle of your Glenfiddich 50 Year Old scotch and poured out a couple of glasses for myself."

"And did you enjoy that, son?"


"Good. Because you are not going to enjoy this. Bend over."

Chuck bends over Vanessa's right thigh.

She spanks him, palm open, fingers outstretched. She starts off with light strokes, alternating slaps on each buttcheek. Chuck whimpers. Vanessa spanks him harder.

Chuck wiggles in Vanessa's lap. His eyes go in the back of his head. He groans because he is in pain and he is slowly getting an erection. His precum drips on Vanessa's towel. With each spank Chuck cries out "Daddy!" louder and louder.

After a while Chuck's bottom is a bright red. His penis is halfway erect.

"Get up. Stand in the corner."

Chuck does as he is told; he stands in the corner, facing it. Vanessa jerks him off until he is fully erect and then to orgasm, his cum flying all over the corner. He groans in relief.

After a few moments Vanessa asks "Do you need me tomorrow?"

"Yes, yes. Blair is not going to be back until Monday."

"You're still sick, Chuck."

"Thank you." He smirks.

Vanessa leaves Chuck's suite.
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Title: Turnabout Is Fair Play | AO3
For: gossipgirlanon (LJ)
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Relationship: Chuck/Serena
Characters: Chuck /Serena
Word Count: 459
Summary: Set around season one, AU where Chuck does not attempt to rape Serena but both are step-siblings and have some attraction to each other. Serena tries to get revenge on Chuck for making her bathroom smell like hash. It doesn't work.

Serena steps into her bathroom. It smelled of hash smoke...again. She lets out a big sigh. "Chuck..." Her voice trails off.

She begins to leave the bathroom when she sees a prescription container on her counter. It is labeled as Viagra for Bartholomew Bass.

She remembers Chuck bragging once to Nate over the phone about his usage of his father's Viagra: "I'm telling you, Nathaniel, those little blue pills keep me going all night."

Serena grabs the Viagra.

A waiter for the Palace has laid out the breakfast that morning for the Van der Woodsens and the Basses. Serena opens the Viagra container and drops a pill on Chuck's oatmeal. She stirs it so the pill is hidden but the oatmeal appears not to be disturbed.

Serena puts on her bathrobe. As she is turning off the shower, Chuck walks in her bathroom. His erection is poking out of the towel covering his lower half.

"S...I don't think you understand how Viagra works." He takes off his towel. His cock is already covered by a Magnum. "You see, Viagra doesn't cause an erection..." He licks his lips. "It makes me stay harder for longer."

Chuck opens Serena's bathrobe. He notices she is already wet and not because she has stepped out of the shower.

"Were you thinking of me in the shower, S?"

"No, Chuck, I was thinking about getting to school on time for once."

"You're lying. You like incest just as much as I do." He takes off Serena's bathrobe and she lets it fall to the ground.

"Bend over the sink." He motions towards the sink with his head.

Serena does as she is told. Chuck lowers her ass slightly and enters her. He starts slow, first moving the tip of his cock back and forth in Serena before plunging deeper and deeper inside of her. Chuck licks and sucks her neck while rubbing Serena's clit. Once he's comfortable with the feel of Serena's cunt, he moves faster and faster. The scent of Serena's cunt encourages Chuck to pound harder and harder inside of her. In response to Chuck pounding inside of her, Serena moans, occasionally emitting a "fuck" when she can vocalize a word or two.

Serena's legs shake and give out on her when she reaches climax, but Chuck still pounds inside of her for a few more minutes. Chuck eventually cums inside of Serena, holding her spent body while doing so.

Chuck walks Serena back to her bedroom and lays her on her bed.

"I'll tell Lily you felt sick when you stepped in the shower."

Serena starts to doze off to sleep.

"This is why you don't take Viagra without a doctor's prescription," Chuck says as he closes Serena's door.


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