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Heads up: it's sex pollen.

I'm also going to use this time to use a cut, since this also has sexual content as well as issues of (fictional) consent.

In brief, I'm a big fan of the trope because of the loss of control and the ability to put two characters together that normally don't interact with each other in a romantic and/or sexual way. It's several years old, and several of the examples have been deleted from LJ (and most likely hard to find via the Wayback Machine or, because that's the way LJ is built), but [ profile] jij's workshop on superhero_muses covers all the ways this trope has been used in fanworks better than I feel I could. ( link.)

To tell you the truth, I have a whole group of sex pollen recs for Doctor Who prepared for a few months. I was going to create a rec list for [community profile] hc_bingo last round, but I felt the prompt I was trying to use the rec list for didn't fit said rec list, and I felt there was another prompt on the HC Bingo list that fit better for my rec list that I didn't have on my card.

I specifically wanted to create a rec list because there are several Doctor Who rec lists with sex pollen. However, they tend to cover Doctor /Rose and/or cover Doctor/Donna. (And there are some on Tumblr.) But I haven't seen a rec list specifically for sex pollen for fics set after Series 4. What follows is my post-series 4 sex pollen rec list. I may have missed some fics since some LJ fanwork comms for Doctor Who are hard to search because of the lack of tagging and Teaspoon will only catch sex pollen fics if you put the words "sex pollen" in the fic's summary. But these are the fics dealing with sex pollen (and aphrodisiacs, as I feel they somewhat are covered under the sex pollen umbrella) I could find. (That I didn't write.)

Doctor Who Post-Series 4 Sex Pollen/Aphrodisiac List

Aliens Don't Count by nostalgia [Eleven/Rory, Adult] Sex pollen strikes again

Heartbreak Beat (mostly the first two stories in this series) by seren_ccd [Eleven/Amy, Adult] Eleven and Amy as they traverse the universe and each other. Literally.

it's poetry in motion by [ profile] freloux [Twelve/Clara, Explicit] He's really not sure he can do this.

Taken by [ profile] capildissexy [Twelve/Clara, Explicit] A Whouffaldi fic. Clara's been kidnapped and her chemistry has been altered, so she now gives off powerful pheromones. The Doctor has rescued her, but can he resist the temptation? In other words, a good ol' sex pollen story.

Wash'n Walk by [ profile] levendis [Twelve/Kate, Explicit] It’s okay, she’s been trained to handle this sort of thing.

With-holding by [ profile] thesilverarrow [Twelve/Clara, Mature] After a relaxing trip to Peramus IV, Doctor gets a bit uncharacteristically handsy with Clara, and she's determined to figure out why.

Be my enemy, but he knows my needs by [ profile] heavenisalibrary [Eleven/River, Mature] “Am I to understand that you have my parents concerned for your life—that you summoned me from prison and brought me into the Tardis, and risked crossing one or both of our timelines—because you're horny?”

Fever When You Kiss Me by [ profile] madmansmystery [Eleven/Clara, Teen, two chapters, incomplete WIP] "Simply get the male to inhale it, and it immediately releases its pollen into the air. Not harmful but it— well, when exposed to the pollen, the male gets attached to the first female he sees." The Doctor has an encounter with an alien flower. Clara is not amused.

she is a supernova and I am her explosion by [ profile] philindas [Eleven/River, Mature] “As soon as the pollen touched his tongue, he cringed, the sickly sweet taste of it flooding his mouth and causing his senses to tingle; he swallowed, eyes widening as the chemical patterns played out behind his eyes. Oh no. [...]”

'cause you're the sweetest thing by [ profile] monanotlisa [Eleven/Amy, Explicit] So he dragged her into the TARDIS too fast for her to react – to get her clothes off, for example – and brought the engines back to (whirring, unspooling) life before Amy even had time to put her hands on her hips and say as much as snogging session. / After that, though? Things didn't go as smoothly for the Doctor.

Sick Leave by [ profile] Kass [Eleven/Amy/Rory, Explicit | fan_flashworks] "It's not pollen," the Doctor objects, because it isn't, it isn't anything like pollen, and both Ponds give him very much the same look of loving exasperation.

used & new by [ profile] kaydeefalls [Amy/Sally Sparrow, Teen] In which Sally and Amy save the world from sentient hedgehogs, or possibly pincushions, and accidentally have sex. More or less.

Raise Our Cups To The Stars by [ profile] leiascully [Eleven/River, Teen] The Doctor and River celebrate their thousandth anniversary with some very special champagne.

Sex Pollen by [personal profile] swan_secrets [Doctor Who/NCIS, Amy/Abby/Ziva, NC-17] (no summary)

Lipsticks by [personal profile] swan_secrets [Doctor Who/House, Martha/Thirteen, NC-17] (no summary)

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