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Reposting because I wanted to change the HTML, and Dreamwidth HTML was a nightmare back in 2011. Originally posted July 7, 2011. (The AO3 link is still the same. Header has been altered to be a bit more concise.)

Title: Grooming | AO3
Rating: Mature
For: gossipgirlkink (LJ kink meme that's now deleted)
Pairing: Blair/Serena
Word Count: 513
Summary: PWP. Blair grooms her golden retriever of a girlfriend.

Grooming )
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Title: Bad Day at Blackhaven | AO3
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Wordcount: 3104
Rating: Teen
Characters: Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey, Serena van der Woodsen, Arthur (Chuck's chauffeur)
Pairing: Chuck Bass/Blair Waldorf
Notes: This fic was for the first year of the now defunct Vacationthon exchange. I wrote this for [ profile] flipflop_diva. Yes, that flipflop_diva. Originally posted 11 July 2011. Reuploaded 2 July 2016, to fix spacing issues without going through old Dreamwidth HTML formatting from hell, to fix some SPAG and story errors, and to change the summary, because why the hell not. Although the story is set between seasons two and three, events mentioned in seasons three and four that take place during this time frame are briefly mentioned here. And the title, very much like Gossip Girl episode titles, is a play on Bad Day at Black Rock.
Disclaimer: Sorry, Vacationthon--I'm not adding a serious disclaimer here as opposed to when you were running.
Summary: There are twists and turns in Blair's trip to East Hampton, New York. Not of all of them are physical ones.

Bad Day at Blackhaven )
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Content note: All of these recs deal with a potentially triggery prompt, which I've put under gray text. These recs are Blair Waldorf-centric, and deal with her bulimia. Discussion of these recs also deals with certain aspects of bulimia and/or other eating disorders. Reccer chooses not to warn for any other content found in these stories.

description and recs under cut )
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Title:The White Flash | AO3
Prompt: Feud
Fandom/Pairing: Gossip Girl; gen (Blair, Vanessa, Dan, Chuck, Dorota)
Medium: fic
Rating: G
Content Notes: none applicable
Summary: At NYU, Blair and Vanessa move in together and discover they're taking the same course.  AU S3.
A/N: Something intended for a big bang written six months ago but forgotten until I was cleaning out my tags.  This is my very final Gossip Girl fic ever.

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Title: Tiresias in de la Renta | AO3
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Prompt: surprise sexswap
Medium: fic
Rating: R
Warnings: not available
Summary: Blair spends a day in a masculine body.

cleaned up 4/8/15 )
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All screencaps made by me.

Not much to say with this picspam, since it's a whole scene rather than me describing an episode or not feeling like describing the action.  This is a scene from "Dare Devil."  Blair has an annual sleepover where, well, there isn't much sleeping done until after midnight.  Jenny is asked to come and survives sneaking Serena's brother Eric out of a medical facility and getting involved with a cheater at a club.  Refusing to go home after Eric is found by Dan and Serena's parents, Jenny stays on to the final round of Blair's sleepover: taking a bolero jacket off a mannequin at Blair's mother's boutique (rigged with a security alarm). Jenny's able to con her way out of being arrested and back to Blair's sleepover (which she leaves for good afterwards), but not before Blair, Kati, Is and two random blonde minions, never to be seen again, get a good laugh at Jenny's misfortune and Jenny is angry for being left behind.

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Title: Sotheby’s 793 | gossipgirlanon | AO3
Rating: R
Characters: Blair, Chuck
Paring: Blair/Chuck
[ profile] gossipgirlanon prompt:  C/B - Another Use for the Paddle -- 3.03 episode ... Chuck and Blair find another use for her bidding paddle
Word Count: 540
Content Notes: none
Summary: Blair punishes Chuck for taking the photograph the two were warring over.
A/N: Set in 3.03, "The Lost Boy."

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