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Hi, Smut Swap writer! I'm [personal profile] merryghoul. I have a few media accounts here and there, but if you want to see what I'm into fic-wise, you can check out my Pinboard: [ profile] merryghoul.

I would like to not see or read about the following:

  • character bashing
  • crossovers
  • vomitplay
  • high school/college AUs
  • mundane AUs (aside from the aforementioned high school/college AU, I'm fine with AUs some people might call mundane, e.g. coffee shop AUs, as long as the characters retain their abilities from the canon)
  • curtainfic
  • fics focused on child OCs (children already in the canon are okay)
  • fics written in second person POV
  • songfic

    Now for the kinks I've requested! I've given some ideas, but optional details are optional. You're not obligated to use all of my ideas, let alone one of them. And I don't mind if some of the kinks for the prompts are combined. Feel free to ignore them as you see fit, as long as you abide by my DNW list above.

    Doctor Who

    Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswald, Ashildr | Lady Me/Clara Oswin Oswald

    For Twelve and Clara, I would prefer a fic set when Clara was alive. For Clara and Me, I would prefer a fic set after their final appearances in "Hell Bent." For these pairings, no noncon, please. Dubcon (for kinks not specifying a certain type of consent) is fine for these kinks.

    Aliens Made Them Do It: The aliens can be OC aliens or canon aliens. Play it straight or go all-out cracky; I'd be delighted with a fic that takes this trope seriously as much as I'd like something cracky where Zygons (for instance) trap one of these pairings for whatever reason.

    Aphrodisiacs: Can be real world aphrodisiacs, things that work like aphrodisiacs in the Doctor Who universe, or original aphrodisiacs (that exist on Earth or somewhere else in the Doctor Who universe).

    Consentacles/Tentacles: I'm not picky on whether these tentacles are more organic-looking or mechanical in nature (or however you want your tentacles to look). And you can have the person of your choosing aquire the tentacles through surgery, some sort of drug or drink, or any way you can think of to give the character tentacles.

    Zero-gravity sex: Having sex in the Zero Room of the TARDIS. Getting daughter to the TARDIS to have sex floating in space. (You know, like in the opening of "The Beast Below," but with porn and without Amy.) Sex on a gravity-free planet. Or you can come up with something else!

    Sex Pollen: I'm not picky on who gets hit with the sex pollen (one of them, or both of them) and I'm also not picky on what the sex pollen-like device is (it can be literal sex pollen, or something that works like sex pollen). No real world drugs (e.g. poppers, Viagra, etc.) for this prompt, please.

    Bondage/Predicament Bondage: I really want to see Twelve and Me tied up for these kinks and Clara doing whatever she wants to them. (Whatever she does is up to you.)

    Public Sex: For some reason, Twelve and Clara or Clara and Me are feeling randy in their travels and decide to get it on in some fairly public place or a place where people can see them having sex. I leave wherever it is they're having sex up to you, and whether people can actually see them or not.

    Sex for Warmth: Stick one of these pairings somewhere where it's possible it can get cold. Away from the TARDIS in a cold part of a planet or a straight-up cold planet? A place that suddenly gets cold (a refrigerated room, a building without heat, the TARDIS--anything). How do they warm up?

    Boot Worship: I'd really like Twelve or Clara focusing on Clara's boots. I can also see Clara focusing on Me's boots for this kink as well.

    Outdoor Sex: Somewhere in their travels, when they don't have to save people/planets/galaxies/time/whatever, Twelve and Clara or Clara and Me have sex somewhere outside their TARDIS. This can be set on Earth or any other environment of your choosing.

    Doggy Style: I'm not picky on where this is set and who gets penetrated on all fours. Twelve fucking Clara with his dick, Clara fingering Me while Me's on all fours, Clara pegging Twelve or Me...go crazy with this one.

    Cunnilingus: How and where this happens is up to you. Obviously, with this kink, Twelve goes down on Clara, but for Clara and Me, you can choose which girl is going down on the other, or you can both have them go down on each other at the same time.

    Skirt Kink: Twelve or Me being aroused by Clara's skirts. How does this progress into sex?

    Xeno: I'm open for any weird sexual genitalia for this prompt. Give Twelve a "Time Lord cock" (like some Ten/Rose fics out there). Somehow give Clara and/or altered human genitalia--play it cracky or give some sort of reason why they have strange genitalia. Anything you can think of, I'm open to it.

    Missy/River Song, Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald, Ashildr | Lady Me/Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald

    Aliens Made Them Do It/Something Made Them Do It: Who or what makes these pairings have sex is up to you. How they have sex is up to you.

    Sex for Warmth: For this trope, you can have any of the couples trapped in a cold part of some planet, like a cave, some abandoned observation station, or something else. You can have them trapped in a place where it suddenly gets cold (a refrigerator, a building without heat, the Doctor's TARDIS and/or Clara and Ashildr's TARDIS--anything, really).

    Sex Pollen: I'm not picky on who gets hit with the sex pollen and I'm also not picky on what the sex pollen-like device is (it can be literal sex pollen, or something that works like sex pollen). No real world drugs (e.g. poppers, Viagra, etc.) for this prompt, please.

    Hate Sex: Canon establishes Missy as Clara's frenemy of sorts, and Me doesn't look too kindly towards Missy. And I can't imagine River liking Missy's motives. What causes these couples to get enraged to the point where they decide to have sex?

    Thank God We're Alive Sex: I can see Missy reluctantly saving River and Clara and/or me from some sort of disaster. And I can see River, Clara, and/or Me saving Missy from something. Why do they save Missy, and what causes them to have sex with her?

    Solo: River Song

    Forced Masturbation: I'd like River forced into masturbation by someone or something. Maybe she's doing this For Science. Maybe she's doing this for some horny person. Maybe she's doing it for another reason. I don't mind whether she's masturbating with toys or not. Can be consensual, dubcon, or noncon.

    Pervertibles: I'd like to see River masturbating with something that isn't a sex toy. I was thinking objects that don't exist in real life (excluding their toy replicas, of course), like her sonic trowel, or one of the Doctor's screwdrivers, or any other item of your choosing.

    Fucking Machines: I would prefer River to be in control of the fucking machine--something like a Sybian. You can have her in one position, or you can have her shift around as she's being fucked by the machine. It's a porn cliche to make women ejaculate while they're being fucked by machines. That said, you get to decide whether she ejaculates while being fucked by a machine or not. The machine can be similar to a real world fucking machine or it can be something fantastic.

    Female Ejaculation: I feel this kink is pretty much self-explanatory. River can use her hands or some sort of sex toy; I'm not picky. I only want to read about her ejaculating.

    Consentacles/Tentacles: I'm not picky on whether there's an outside party who joins River or if she suddenly grows tentacles. I'm also not picky about where the tentacles are located and how they're used. I only want to read about River penetrated with tentacles.

    Artificial Intelligence Sex/Cyborg Sex/Robot Sex: I feel this is pretty straightforward here—River having sex with either a canon AI, cyborg, or robot (e.g. a Cyberman) or with an OC AI, cyborg, or robot.

    Character study through porn: I’d love to see River having various relationships with people and beings who are not the Doctor, since River/people not the Doctor tends to be rare in Doctor Who fanfic.

    Egg Laying/Oviposition: How River acquires the eggs insider of her is up to you. There’s actually a Big Finish audio, The Creed of the Kromon, where Charley gets turned into an alien bug queen, nearly prepared to lay eggs until she’s changed back by the Doctor. But you can have an ovipositioner in play here. She can have the egg/s implanted inside her. I really want a focus on how the eggs make River feel, as well as what happens when she lays them.

    Masturbation: This is another straightforward kink. River masturbating for whatever reason in a place of your choosing.

    Nearly Getting Caught: River with someone or something or not getting nearly caught in the act, but not before River makes some sort of dramatic escape.

    Porn Watching/Reading: I can imagine River might’ve bumped into some pornographic material in her archaeology studies. Or you can envision this as River seeking out porn in the present day on Earth or other planets.

    Sex with Trees/Plants: I envision River being seduced by and penetrated by sentient vines finding their way to her orifices, but if you want to focus more on River in bondage with the vines, or something else involving trees and/or plants, that’s fine with me.

    Tripped And Landed On A Dick: As cracky as this prompt sounds, I can imagine River running somewhere, tripping, falling on a dick of some sort (human dick, xeno dick, whatever) and enjoying it, so run with this kink as much as you can.

    The Wicked + The Divine

    Lucifer/Laura Wilson | Persephone, Sakhmet/Laura Wilson | Persephone (The Wicked + The Divine), Baphomet/Laura Wilson | Persephone, Baal/Inanna

    For this request, despite the AO3 tag, I want Lucifer/Laura, please. I don't want Laura after she becomes Persephone. (The other Laura tags can be Laura as Laura or Laura as Persephone.)

    Superpower Sex: For Laura and Lucifer, I'd like if there was some sort of scenario where Laura's having trouble with the powers Lucifer gave her and that that scenario led to sex. Otherwise, I'm not picky if only one person uses their powers on the other, or both are using their powers on each other at the same time.

    Arguing during sex: Given that this is a canon with dysfunctional relationships and plenty of angst, I could see any of these pairings fighting while having sex, whether the arguments are serious or trivial in nature.

    Drunk Sex/Drugged Sex: Since this canon has a lot of drugs, alcohol, and meeting up in clubs and pubs for various things, I can see any of these couples taking drugs or drinking before a shag.

    Orgy: The orgy can be a canonical one, like Sakhmet's orgies or Inanna's orgies, or one made up for the story. If you're more comfortable with having one of these parings having sex while other people are having sex and/or looking at the sex going on, that's fine. I'm also not opposed to third parties (OCs or other canon characters) joining in the fun with any of these pairings.

    Game of Thrones

    Please, no canon from ASOIAF.

    Arya Stark/The Waif

    Assassins & Hitmen (Having Sex): I can see this kink working as Arya and the Waif getting assigned to kill a target, either working together or separately, and then something happens sexually between them. Or maybe they have to do something sexually to kill a target.

    Antagonism Leads to Sex: I can see the Waif's treatment of Arya leading up to a sexual incident the two of them have to hide from Jaquen.

    Blackmail/Sexual Coercion: Arya does something that's against the code of the Faceless Men. The Waif can cover it up for her, but it comes at a price. How does this happen?

    Hate Sex: The Waif believing, because she is of low birth, far much better at being a Faceless Man than Arya. Arya, determined to be a Faceless Man, despite the Waif's opinion of her. Something has to give somewhere in this relationship.

    Rape: I can see the Waif raping Arya either for selfish reasons or as a display of dominance over Arya.

    Sensory Deprivation: For this kink, I was thinking a scenario where the Waif takes advantage over Arya when she was blind and living as a beggar in Braavos, and I can see it working when Arya had not mastered fighting with a staff well.

    Drug-Induced Sex/Non-Consensual Drug Use: For these kinks, I imagine Arya, while learning how to identify poisons in the Hall of Faces, inhaling something that leads her to want to have sex with the Waif. It could be something she doesn't realize is a drug that increases arousal, or it could be a drug the Waif planted to make Arya uncomfortable and desperate for relief.

    Burn Notice

    Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, Sam Axe/Fiona Glenanne, Sam Axe/Fiona Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen, Sam Axe/Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, Sam Axe/Michael Westen

    Sex in a Car: You have my permission to go crazy with this prompt, but I have a few ideas. The couple could be bored while on surveillance and decide to have a quickie. Maybe the couple have sex in a car after one of them gets hurt and sex is a way of comforting them. Maybe Fiona's bored and wants to have sex somewhere in the car. Maybe Fiona's bored after riding around in the trunk of her car, testing how roomy it would be for a kidnap victim, and she decides to have sex in the trunk after she's freed of her bonds. It's all up to you.

    Food Kink: Specifically, I was thinking something with yogurt: sharing yogurt, eating it off the body, having sex covered in it--anything you wish! Don't be afraid to get messy with this one. All I ask is that it involves yogurt of some sort.

    Fake/Pretend Relationship: I'd like to see anything involving a case where Michael and Fiona or Sam and Fiona have to investigate something as a pretend couple, but, because of the situation, they're pushed into having sex.

    Handcuffs: I want to see one person restrained by handcuffs in some way. Their hands could be handcuffed behind their back, or they can be handcuffed to something. How the pairings have sex is up to you.

    "Thank God We're Alive" Sex: Anything involving these couples escaping from anything dangerous. A near fatal shootout? A car chase that nearly ends in a crash? Something involving a burning building (yes, this includes explosives)? Go for it. How the pairings have sex is up to you.

    Gunplay: I'd like to see Fiona coax Michael or Sam into playing with a gun sexually. What happens next is up to you. Does someone fellate a gun? Does someone rub a gun on their body or their partner's body? Do they use the gun in some sort of roleplay situation as if they're going to shoot someone? It's all up to you.

    Team Sex: What it says on the tin. Any or all of Michael's team having sex for whatever reason.

    Sex as a Teambuilding Exercise: Maybe there's a job on the horizon that the team is taking that involves sex, or maybe relations between the team are strained. What better way to resolve those issues than by having a team-building exercise that involves sex?

    Sex After Fighting/Battle: I can see any of these pairings having sex after a grueling job, or maybe something like that sparring scene in Season 1 between Michael and Fiona. (But you don't have to write about those two.)

    Rescue Sex: Straightforward here. One or more than one person needs to be rescued from something (natural disaster, kidnapper, etc.) and it leads to sex.

    Competence Kink: Any of these pairings being turned on by their abilities. Their abilities to change into different guises, set off explosives, shoot guns, anything. Your choice of who's kinking on whom.

    Preacher (TV)

    Proinsias Cassidy/Tulip O'Hare, Proinsias Cassidy/Jesse Custer/Tulip O'Hare, Proinsias Cassidy/Jesse Custer, Jesse Custer/Tulip O'Hare

    Bloodplay: Maybe playing with the blood needed to feed Cassidy, or just playing around with their own blood? Have fun with this kink. I also am not opposed to blood drinking; I didn’t nominate the tag only because I can’t see Jesse and Tulip drinking blood in this canon any time soon.

    Biting: I’d like to see people biting other people here, or Cassidy scraping fangs against skin.

    Celebratory Sex: Sex after escaping some sort of threat, or evading some sort of person, or just killing someone Tulip doesn’t like.

    Competence Kink: Sex after Cassidy uses his vampire powers, Tulip after making some improvised weapon or just being good with a gun, or after Jesse uses the powers of Genesis.

    Cuckolding: Whether it’s for fun or for punishment or whatever, I’d like to see any of these pairings have sex with OC s or with characters in canon while the other part(s) of the ship watch.

    Double Penetration in One Hole: Pick a hole, any hole. For the pairings with two people in them, you can penetrate the hole with a finger, a toy, or a pervertible. For the threesome, I’d really like PIV, oral, or anal sex involving penises.

    Fang Kink: For Jesse and Tulip, you can have them pretend one (or both) of them have fangs, but for the other pairings, I’d like to see someone turned on by Cassidy’s fangs.

    Outdoor Sex: What it says on the tin. Sex in Annville, a Jesse and Tulip scene with the two of them having sex pre-series, sex outside on the road after Annville’s demise—wherever you want these two or three having sex.

    Sex in a Car: What it says on the tin. You choose the car—Tulip’s car, church van, some other vehicle, whatever.

    Double Ended Dildo: Whether it’s the double ended dildo from the bank vault or something similar to that double ended dildo, I’d love to see whatever you want to do with said double ended dildo. I mean, more than a tug-of-war with it.

    Original Work

    I’m not picky on the setting of any of these prompts. Set it in the past, the present, or the future. Give the fic sci-fi elements. Set it off of Earth. I only want the smut here.
    However, I do have some plot ideas for these Original Work pairings that you can use along with the kinks given here.

    Mermaid/Queen: Aphrodisiacs, Consentacles, Sex Magic, Fealty, Magical Fealty, Sex Toys (Magic), Shapeshifting, Shapeshifting Seducer, Underwater Sex, In Water, Xeno

  • Something Little Mermaid inspired, where the queen was originally a merperson, and owes the mermaid something in order to stay on the land.

  • Something similar to the tale of Melusina, where a female is condemned to be in a mermaid form, and prefers not to be seen from the waist down, but resides on Earth (as opposed to living in the sea).

  • Something inspired by Djullanar the Sea-girl, where a female character looks humanoid, but is able to breathe air and in the water.

  • A queen, out at sea, spots a mermaid and is able to capture her with her crew, but there is a price involved for capturing the mermaid.

    Female Spy/Female Spy: Arousal From Killing, Bondage, Brainwashing, Drug-Induced Sex, Drugged Sex, Enemies to Lovers, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Enemies With Benefits, Forced Orgasm, Fuckbuddies To Lovers, Injured Sex, Interrogation, Mentor/Protégé, Psychopaths In Love, Rivals With Benefits, Sex in the Blood of their Enemies, Undercover as a Couple, Fake/Pretend Relationship

  • Historical spies. Women working for something like the Culper Spy Ring? Women in WWII flirting with enemies to gather intel on them? Something else?

  • James Bond-style spies with gizmos and gadgets. Rival spies, a spy learning under the tutelage of another spy, or even a spy and the fellow spy providing her weapons.

  • Spies like the ones in Burn Notice, where the two women help others out with their talents while having sex between jobs.

  • Real world field operatives: their lives between their jobs.

    Female Vampire/Female Vampire Hunter: Arousal From Killing, Blood Drinking, Bloodplay, Body Horror, Character Turned Into Vampire, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Enemies With Benefits, Psychopaths In Love, Vampire Sex

    Note: The vampire hunter can be human, dhampir, or anything else you want the vampire hunter to be.

  • A vampire hunter slowly watches their partner turn into a vampire and learns how to deal with it.

  • A vampire hunter is turned by a vampire and is torn between abandoning her trade or avowing to kill creatures similar to she is.

  • A vampire hunter spends years tracking down a specific vampire...for sex.

  • It seems like this vampire hunter and this vampire are enemies, but actually they’re working together, securing blood for the vampire (and the vampire hunter, if you choose).

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