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Hi! I'm [personal profile] merryghoul I have a few media accounts here and there, but if you want to see what I'm into fic-wise as well as what things I've recced at other communities, you can check out my Pinboard: [ profile] merryghoul.

In general, I like works that focus on:
  • crimes
  • hurt/comfort
  • noir AUs
  • fairy tale and/or mythology AUs
  • angst
  • fluff
  • the friends to lovers trope (where applicable)
  • magical people and worlds
  • sharing a bed
  • pretend couples

    For more sexually explicit fics, my favorite kinks are:
  • knifeplay
  • spanking
  • bondage
  • begging
  • femdom
  • the "aliens made them do it" trope
  • the "sex pollen" trope

    But if you want to write or draw something sexually explicit without any particular kink, I also like that as well. :D

    I would like to not see or read about the following:
  • character bashing
  • crossovers (with a slight exception for Doctor Who--please see note in that part of my letter)
  • excessive whump (what I would call "characters constantly getting hurt")
  • vomitplay
  • high school/college AUs
  • mundane AUs
  • AUs where related characters were never related in the first place (where applicable)
  • curtainfic
  • works focused on a character's pregnancy (see my Orphan Black section in regards to Helena mid-season two and beyond)
  • works focused on child OCs (underage children already in the canon [e.g. Kira from Orphan Black] are okay)
  • second person fics

    For this exchange, I'm requesting fanfic only.

    Here are my prompts!

    Doctor Who

    Canon-specific notes:

    With any of these pairings, if you'd like to, Torchwood, Classic, and/or New Who crossovers are fine. Please, no crossovers with fandoms other than Torchwood and/or Doctor Who.

    I haven't heard all the tie-in audiobooks, and I haven't read a lot of tie-in books/comics with Doctor Who and Torchwood. But I wouldn't be opposed to elements of those books and audios appearing in your fic, if you choose to include them. I have heard and/or read the following books/audiobooks/comics, if you're curious: The Legends of Ashildr, The Legends of River Song, The Diary of River Song (volume one), the Eighth Doctor Big Finish audios with Charley Pollard and C'riss, and the current Titan Comics runs of The Eleventh Doctor and The Twelfth Doctor.

    Please don't substitute Clara with one of her echoes (canon or author created) for the Clara ships. Please don't kill off Ashildr/Me if she shows up in your fic.

    Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald: Michelle Gomez that she prefers to play Missy as "a psychopath that really is quite charming, and you know, just wants to have a nice cup of tea, but having to kill people means that keeps getting interrupted" here (link does have stuff about the new companion, if you'd prefer to live under a rock in terms of Series 10 news). I see Clara being charmed by Missy's personality, but she hates her for the various things Clara believes Missy's done against her (like Danny's death, or trapping her inside a Dalek shell, trying to get the Doctor to kill her). What I don't want between the two is a total fluffy relationship, where Missy suddenly forgets she likes to kill people. (Oh! And despite what Michelle Gomez says about not wanting to portray Missy as "dark" in the quote above, I don't mind a darker, more twisted Missy.)

    I would prefer to see fic set prior to "Face the Raven," when Clara was still alive. I'd be happy with anything that has a (romantic, obviously) frenemies vibe between the two. Some ideas:

  • an AU where Clara becomes Missy's companion for a spell, and Clara struggles with being in a relationship with Missy and Missy's evil deeds
  • Missy picking up Clara (while Clara was alive) while the Doctor is traveling alone just because Missy can. The two go on dates where Missy tries Clara's patience. (Or substitute "dates" with booty calls; I'm not picky.)
  • Missy needing Clara's help, and Clara accepting, because there's a part of Clara that cares for Missy

    Missy/River Song: Like the Missy/Clara prompt above, I can see River finding Missy charming, but I can't imagine her approving of everything Missy does (and especially after "Let's Kill Hitler," when she breaks her conditioning to kill the Doctor). A Missy similar to canon!Missy or a darker Missy is welcome for this pairing for me. But I also don't want a completely fluffy relationship where Missy and River's past actions are ignored.

    Anything that isn't fluffy with these two would be awesome, but here are some ideas:

  • Missy coming up with schemes to intentionally draw out River for dates and/or a booty call.
  • River needs to work with Missy on several occasions or for an extended period of time. Despite initially being repelled by Missy, River finds herself attracted to her.
  • River reluctantly saves Missy's life. After that, she thinks about Missy constantly, and decides to find a way to see her again.

    Ashildr | Lady Me/Clara Oswin Oswald: Despite the piped tag, I'm only interested in Me post-"Hell Bent." (The same applies to Clara for this specific request, without the piped tag business.)

    What I want with these two is that they're both competent and they treat each other as equals. I want to see Me use her skills (anything and everything she learned as a queen, an artist, a solider, a mayor, etc. al.) and her strength to overcome any obstacles that come in her way. And I want to see a witty, clever Clara who reminds Me of the awesome things in life, even though Me has literally lived billions of years. (I admit to paraphrasing a bit of this blog from the BBC's Doctor Who site for this portion of the letter.)

    Anything with these two would be delightful, but here are some scenarios I'd like to see for these two:

  • The two on an adventure similar to one in canon. I'm not picky on how the adventure unfolds and who and what else are in the adventure, but I want to see these two fighting foes like Sontarans and Autons and saving others from intergalactic threats.
  • Jenna Coleman thinks Clara and Me are still trying to navigate their TARDIS. I'd like to see a fic where Clara and Me attempt to get their TARDIS to go where they want their TARDIS to go and, quite possibly, attempt to get it out of a diner shape (and, more than likely, fail in the process).
  • Something where Me gets physically hurt and Clara comforts her until Me's body heals.

    Clara Oswin Oswald/River Song: Okay, so they technically met before Clara was split into echoes and River was dead. But I'd like to see the two of them meeting up when both of them were alive, sometime after "The Time of the Doctor," when Clara knew River existed, and, obviously, before the Library episodes for River. I see these two either bumping into each other by accident or on purpose, having trips when the Doctor's not around.

    Anything with these two would be lovely, but here are some ideas:

  • Clara opens the Doctor's TARDIS with her key, only to find River inside.
  • While traveling with the Doctor, Clara runs into River.
  • River is on Earth during Clara's time for some reason, and Clara investigates her presence on Earth.

    Donna Noble/River Song: They first met in the Library episodes; this is, once again, one of these couples I'm requesting without a lot of on-screen interaction. I'm a bit disappointed River and Donna haven't met elsewhere in canon; given that River doesn't have to live her life in a linear fashion, why couldn't she have met Donna before the Library? Or why couldn't she have found a Donna in an alternate universe? The possibilities are endless with this ship.

    Anything with these two would be lovely, but here are some ideas:

  • River meets Donna after she loses her memories of traveling with the Doctor. She helps Donna control her thoughts so she doesn't die from recalling her memories.
  • AU: Donna remains the DoctorDonna. River finds her and has adventures with her.
  • River meets Donna before Donna meets the Doctor, and River tries to liven up Donna's dull life.

    Ashildr/Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald: Despite the tag, I'm only interested in these three past "Hell Bent."

    It's obvious Clara knows Missy, and in "Hell Bent," Me knows about Missy. I think it'd be fun to see the three of them interacting after Clara and Me acquire their TARDIS. I really want to see Clara and Me being equally competent, and I want to see Missy as charming as ever, but still scheming to do something evil. Anything with these three would be amazing, but here are some ideas:

  • The moment Missy first encounters post-"Hell Bent" Clara and Me.
  • Me realizes something in her past involved Clara, Missy, and her in the present, so Clara and Me have to go to that event to start it/stop it from occurring.
  • Clara and Me end up in a trap Missy's actually set for the Doctor. Missy keeps the two of them around anyway for some reason.

    Orphan Black

    Canon-specific notes: I don't have problems with Helena being pregnant in canon, but I prefer it not be the focal part of the fic.

    Helena/Sarah Manning: Helena and Sarah's interactions in canon frustrate me. When I started watching Orphan Black, I was hoping that after the two of them were revealed to be sisters at birth there would be more interactions between the two of them. They had a few interactions together in seasons two and three. Alas, after season three, there has been barely any interaction between the two of them, aside from a phone call. Meh. What I want out of this ship most is the two of them actually doing things together and getting to know each other. In a dirtybadwrong way, of course. In general, canon divergent AUs where the two of them interact and help each other are welcome, as well as fic set in the canon universe without any sort of canon divergence are welcome. But I'm happy with anything with these two that doesn't go against my DNWs. But here are some ideas for the two of them:

  • Canon divergent AU where Sarah went to the police station to help Helena, back in season 2.
  • The two of them on a camping trip (like the one in canon, or a different one--maybe one with Helena's survival skills from season 4?).
  • Their escape through the desert escaping the Castor compound, back in season 3.

    Helena/Grace Johanssen: Oh, man, Helena and Grace...this ship is filled with "what ifs" and "what could've beens." I wasn't expecting these two to be canon, but it still sucks that Grace ran off with Mark and hasn't been seen since season three. Anything with these two, canon divergent or not, would be great, but here are some ideas:

  • Something that explores a twisted AU relationship between the two on the Prolethean compound.
  • Canon divergent AU where they leave Henrik's farm together and go on the run. Are they captured by Castor? Do they head to a motel? Felix's loft? Where the Proletheans live after Henrik's farm burns down? Somewhere else?
  • Canon divergent AU where Helena brings Grace into Clone Club, and Grace doesn't betray them.
    Or if you have another idea you'd like to try out, feel free to do so!

    Rachel Duncan/Sarah Manning:I can't imagine a happy relationship between these two characters. At all. I would like a fic that maintains and explores their dynamic in canon. Lots of hatred and threats between the two. Feel free to take their relationship as dark as you can take it; if it goes into noncon/blood/gore/anything but my squicks, I'm fine with it. A lot of my plot ideas involve canon divergent AUs with the two in some sort of state of captivity, but if you can come up with an idea where they're not trapped together and/or isn't a canon divergent AU (e.g. when Sarah and Rachel worked together to defeat Brightborn), I'm happy with it! So here are my plot ideas:

  • A canon divergent AU where Rachel keeps Sarah in Dyad at the end of season 2.
  • Canon divergent AU: Near the end of season 3, somehow, Rachel ends up getting kidnapped and ends up in the captivity of Sarah.
  • Canon divergent AU: Rachel is able to keep Sarah inside the house on the island, and torments (maybe even brainwashes?) Sarah.

    Helena/Alison Hendrix: Very much like Helena and Sarah, I was disappointed in how canon treated their relationship. I didn't like how anyone (let alone Alison and Donnie) didn't bother to look for Helena after she ran away to live in the woods, and I hate how pretty much Helena has been pretty much reduced to showing up whenever Alison and Donnie are in a bind. Any type of interaction you can come up between the two other than turning Helena into the Hendrix's deus ex machina when the plot demands it would be appreciated for these two.

    Oh, yes, the matter of Donnie. I don't mind infidelity in fanfic. But if it makes you feel more comfortable to make your fic an AU where, for some reason, Alison and Donnie aren't together, feel free to do so. (Just don't bash Donnie.) So, without saying, these are my plot ideas:

  • Something relatively fluffy for the two of them, like making soap together at Alison's beauty business/drug headquarters back in season 3, or taking care of Alison's children together.
  • A shady character in Alison's past comes back to haunt her, and Alison needs Helena's help.
  • Something where Helena teaches Alison survival skills in the wild. Can be set in canon (e.g. when Alison and Donnie flee their house for the woods) or can be canon divergent.

    Game of Thrones

    Canon-specific notes: Show canon only. Please no canon from A Song of Ice and Fire.

    Yara Greyjoy/Daenerys Targaryen: I was thrilled when the show reveal Yara liked women, and I really liked that little bit of flirting between the two of them in Mereen. (I'm even more impressed that the flirting between them was improvised.) Since there hasn't been a lot of on-screen interaction between the two of them, I'd be delighted with anything you can write between the two of them in canon. I do have some suggestions if you'd like to write from them:

  • Scenes between the two of them in Mereen, before going to King's Landing.
  • Dany and Yara have to make a detour before heading to King's Landing and meet up in that detour.
  • Something happens to one of the boats heading to King's Landing, and Dany and Yara have to take the same boat there.

    Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth: Brienne is always looking for someone to declare fealty to. And although her awful experiences with Joffrey and Ramsay hardened her, I feel there's still a bit of Sansa left that imagines she's one of those courtly women in the legends and songs she heard while she was growing up. With these two, just go all out with the loyalty/fealty trope if you wish. I feel these two are perfect for it. But I'd be happy with anything with these two.

    Some prompt ideas, if you'd like to possibly use them:

  • Something set while Sansa was escaping Winterfell under Bolton control.
  • Brienne at Sansa's side after the Starks take back Winterfell. I'm not picky about the timing of when this happens; I'll be happy with anything set before or after Brienne goes to Riverrun.
  • Futurefic where Sansa is queen of King's Landing and Brienne serves under her. Is Brienne her Hand? Leader of the Queensguard? Something else?

    Arya Stark/Sansa Stark: I'd prefer future fic for this pairing, so anything set after season 6 would be great. Because of their differing points of view when they were younger, Arya and Sansa were not the best of friends. In my opinion, I feel that, because of what they've both been through ever since they were separated at King's Landing, they would be more open to having a relationship with each other. (In this case, more than a sisterly relationship, please.)

    Some prompt ideas, if you'd like to use them:

  • The two of them reuniting at Winterfell. How do they reunite, and what happens after they reunite?
  • For some reason, Arya can't reveal that she's still alive to Sansa. Arya visits Sansa in the guise of other women, using the things she learned from the Faceless Men.
  • I can't find the link for the interview, but I know in an interview Sophie Turner said she liked the idea of Arya as Sansa's hand if Sansa was Queen of the Andals. As possibly cracky as this idea sounds, I'd love to see it in fic. How does Sansa become Queen and how does Arya become her Hand? What do they do once they are Queen and Hand?

    Arya Stark/The Waif: This is another pairing I certainly don't want fluff for. I want the Waif to think she's better than Arya in every way, from her abilities to her pride in not being a noblewoman from a Great House. And I want the Waif to delight in tormenting Arya because she thinks she's better than Arya. Meanwhile, I want Arya to find ways to defeat the Waif, and I want Arya to be aware of the Waif's arrogance, something the Waif shouldn't have as a Faceless Man. Anything with these two would be awesome, but I have some ideas, if you'd like to write them:

  • The Waif is instructed to aid Arya in her training. What the Waif does with Arya is up to you.
  • The Waif stalking, and possibly encountering, Arya through Braavos. Not picky when this is set--you can have the Waif following bling Arya, or you can have the Waif following Arya when Arya's sent to kill Lady Crane, or when Arya is planning to leave Braavos.
  • Canon divergence AU: The Waif somehow survives her encounter with Arya in the little alcove in Braavos Arya lived in, and follows her back to Westeros.

    The Bletchley Circle

    Millie/Lucy Davis: This show only lasted two series, and there is so much the show couldn't cover because ITV canceled it. :( Millie and Lucy first captivated me when Lucy finally was able to leave her abusive husband, staying at Millie's place because Lucy had nowhere else to go. And I want to read more about these two. I'm really interested in any type of missing scene fic for these two, but if you can't write missing scenes fic, anything with these two would be delighted. Some fic ideas for you:

  • Any fic focusing on their relationship prior to the start of the series at Bletchley Park.
  • What happened when the two of them lived together when Lucy was escaping her husband? (Would rather see more h/c than curtainfic with this prompt.)
  • Casefic! I'm not particular about when and where it's set--pre-series, post-series, between series. I'm also not picky about the other members of the Circle joining them or not. I'd like to see the two of them solving a case.

    Call the Midwife

    Delia Busby/Patsy Mount: I've always liked these two ever since they first started appearing on Call the Midwife, and I was initially devastated when the two had to cancel their plans to live together in a home because of Delia's car accident. Things are better now between them, now that Delia's well again and Delia's meddling mother seems to be out of the way. I still fear that some day someone might discover the two of them at Nonnatus House, but I'm enjoying their story so far.

    Canon divergent AUs where Patsy and Delia actually are living together in their own home would be loved, but I'm not opposed to anything set in the show's canon. Some ideas for you:

  • Patsy and Delia living inside Nonnatus House, keeping their relationship (and sex life) secret from the sisters and the midwives.
  • Pasty and Delia's adventures in Paris.
  • Pre-series (well, for them) fic where Patsy and Delia first meet each other while working together.


    Goddess/Goddess: I imagine these two feuding over something before becoming lovers. What it is--whether it's something petty or something that almost launches a war--I leave that up to you. Or, if feuding goddesses isn't your thing, I'm also interested in reading the following:
  • One goddess seduces the other
  • Established couple fic
  • A goddess turns a lesser being (human, demi-god, nymph, etc.) into a goddess
    Any setting and time is also fine with me--a high fantasy setting, an urban fantasy setting, a post-apocalyptic or dystopia setting--anything.

    Goddess/Sacrifice: Is this society an ancient society? A modern or future society? A society in an alternate universe? Who is being sacrificed? What is her station in life? Why is she being sacrificed? Is the goddess demanding the sacrifice? Does the goddess save the sacrifice, and if the goddess saves the sacrifice, what do they do next? When I saw this on the tag set, my mind thought of the story of Artemis and Iphigenia. I'm only bringing that myth up as an example. Feel free to set this story wherever you wish with whatever characters you come up with.

    Queen/Knight and Princess/Knight: I'm really fond of loyalty/fealty in fiction, so if you want to create and write about characters who are fiercely loyal to each other, go for it! Does the knight need to go on a quest or battle in a tournament to prove her love to the queen or the princess? Does the knight travel with the queen or princess and protect her from dangers? But I'm also interested in a possibly enemyslash direction with these characters. What if the queen or the princess hated the knight, and what for? Or does the knight hate the queen or the princess, and why? Anything in any setting for these original character prompts would be delightful.

    Mermaid/Queen: I'd be delighted to see you take this any way you want, but I do have some suggestions. What if the mermaid wanted to become human to join the queen on land? What if the queen wanted to sacrifice her humanity to be with the mermaid? What if the mermaid was like a selkie--she lives with the queen on the land, but longs for the sea? What if the mermaid was like a Siren and she's tempting the queen to her death? Anything in any setting for these original characters would be delightful.

    Spy/Spy: Have fun with this original character pairing! I'm equally excited to read about spies working together on the same assignment or rival spies working for different interests. Rival spies falling in love and giving up their assignments to be together, rival spies having plenty of hatesex--as long as there are spies, I'll be happy. The spies can be historical spies (Medieval/feudal era spies? Spies during some sort of war?), James Bond-style spies with fantastic gadgets (and minus the Bond-style sexism), Burn Notice-style spies where people versed in spycraft use their talents in an area that's not a military setting, or even real-world field operatives. Anything you write for this prompt will delight me.

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