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I created a template based on [personal profile] hope's Fanfiction Header Builder after it went offline for some while. It's a template since the only code I can master is some HTML. The main change I made was to not include the LJ-cut tags that were included in the original Header Builder, since LJ-cut tags only work on LJ. So if you want to add a cut to your fic, follow the instructions for your blogging platform (e.g., if you're posting on Dreamwidth, cut your fic with the <*cut> or <*cut text="example"> tags). Also, I didn't include any "highlight for warnings" code. I suggest you see amadi's journal for such a code.

Other than that, the template's straightforward. You can choose what parts of the header you'd like to put with your entry. And you can modify the spaces for other links, such as archives that don't crosspost to different platforms.

Feel free to pass this post along, as I have no clue how to promote this other than Tumblr. And feel free to credit me, or not. It's no big deal.

Special thanks to [personal profile] facetofcathy and her textarea code here

last updated 09/18/16


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