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My story for [ profile] het_bigbang, a Sherlock/Luther crossover, is here. I wanted artwork, but my usual go-to artist was busy, so no art from her. I plan on teaming up with her for my Burn Notice big bang projects, since there are so few artists in the fandom. We shall see, hmm.

Also, while I'm rambling, this may be my last Sherlock fic for a while. I'm spending a lot of time at [community profile] fandom_secrets 2.0, and someone posted a secret about a fandom that was SO AWFUL they had to leave it. The secret struck a chord with me in ways that I will not reveal explicitly. I don't know how long leaving the Sherlock fandom will be and how I'll interact with the fandom if I do come back, but I'm leaving it for now and probably dipping my toes into more USA Network fandoms as well as Rizzoli & Isles. (But I'm not going to that LiveJournal comm, oh no.)

And, now that I'm thinking about it, I've decided to start a new big bang policy. I'm only posting at AO3 and Dreamwidth for all big bang projects now. There will be no multi-part entries at LiveJournal and, if applicable, Teaspoon (which I have stopped using). Some time this weekend, I'll put the story here on Dreamwidth as a backup and I'll link to it here, but that's it. Putting stories on four platforms (at most) takes time, and I'm tired of it.
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*gulp* I'm not usually one to write meta about anything, but I was really motivated by this older [community profile] fem_thoughts prompt:

Crossover femslash--why do you write/read it or not write/read it? What about the characters, shows, etc. makes you pair up women from different canons? How is it different, or not, from non-crossover fic?

Although I have written other crossover femslash pairings, I decided to focus on a couple I like writing, Suzie Costello (from Torchwood; usually I write her as if she never died in canon) and Alice Morgan (from Luther). And although I wrote them once before, for [community profile] au_bingo , I came back to writing them again for a series of fics set over the universes of Torchwood, Sherlock and Luther called Suzanne Costello: Life is All. Onto the meta.

I came to write the current incarnation of Alice Morgan/Suzie Costello in my series Suzanne Costello: Life is All based off of a comment I received from [ profile] crossbigbang . There wasn't a plan originally for Alice to appear in the series; the Torchwood/Sherlock/Luther "crossover" was an AU version of Suzie Costello, using the identity of Zoe Luther, breaking out of prison after nearly killing Sherlock Holmes. Gradually I incorporated Alice into the story until I made her Suzie's lover, business partner and a parent to her daughter.

Pairing these two was easy. Both characters are serial killers with a nihilist point of view. Why not get them to fall in love?

Writing these two as parents who are involved sexually involved (and are still murderers) allowed me to buck some trends I've been seeing in Luther, Sherlock and Torchwood fanfiction. There's not a lot of femslash in Luther and Sherlock, in large part because of the dearth of well-rounded female characters in canon. Female characters in these canons are also either rarely written about (especially female characters nearing or over 40) or paired with male characters (e.g. Alice/John). And while there are several fics featuring Jack and Ianto and Sherlock and John with kids, there aren't a lot of femslash couples featured in kid!fic/curtain!fic for either Sherlock or Torchwood. By writing Alice and Suzie the way I did in Suzanne Costello: Life is All, I wanted to prove that women (no matter how dangerous they are) can be written as lovers and parents in fanfiction, even if a crossover was needed to make it all possible.
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Today's challenge is to write a letter to a fandom, so I wrote one to the Sherlock fandom, here, since I was compiling a lot of fic comms for someone on my LJ friends list. It's a continuation from this post, but with more communities (all on LJ).

Now that I think about it, I should've just went to [ profile] crack_van  and copypastaed. But this list is okay.

And I should work on my Boardwalk Empire manifesto (for another comm) before June, or I lose the claim and I have to reclaim it. :O
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[ profile] sherlockbbc (not, as far as I know of, [community profile] sherlockbbc ) has shut down until next month. Here's a list of alternative sites to visit.

Also, there's the[syndicated profile] holmesian_news_feed , [syndicated profile] ao3_sherlock_bbc_feed and [syndicated profile] 221b_recs_feed feeds for ficcy goodness. 
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I decided to leave comments for the following works at [community profile] fan_flashworks :And I'd like to really pimp [community profile] fic_promptly .  It's a multi-fandom daily comment prompt meme, like [ profile] comment_fic on LJ, and I'd love to see more people there prompting and filling.
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Something I worked on a few days ago while I had writer's block for [ profile] crossbigbang .

Title: CBeebies Storytime! with Richard Brook! | AO3
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 532
Characters: Moriarty, Sebastian Moran, Sherlock, Holmes
Content Notes: crack, mentions of violence
Summary: Moriarty uses CBeebies to educate and send messages at the same time.
A/N: [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic  prompt: Storytime for gory crime. Moriarty really is Richard Brookes. He manages his crime empire while still being the face of children's televison. The stories in every episode contain coded messages for his operatives.

I'd like some crack or humour fic where Moran and some of Moriarty's other goons all sit down, with popcorn, to watch Storytime and work out what The Boss wants them to do next.

Maybe John and Sherlock are up late one night watching repeats of the program and they notice names and scenarios that match recent crimes.


For those not in the UK, CBeebies is a BBC channel oriented for children six and under. Think BabyFirstTV, certain PBS programs, Nick Jr. or Playtime Disney in the US, for starters.

Also, The Story of Fidgety Philip.

Read more... )


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