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Canon AU where Michael leads James' organization, but Fiona lives and becomes a member of said organization. Officially completed 2/9/14.

Series on AO3.

  • More Twisted Than You Think (for [community profile] femslash_kink, [community profile] kink_bingo and [community profile] ladiesbingo)
  • Love Bomb (for [community profile] trope_bingo and the Porn Battle)
  • Endgame (for [community profile] trope_bingo and [community profile] fic_promptly)
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    Please note that letters do not necessarily represent my current fannish interests.

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    I meant to do this earlier, but it wasn't until [ profile] crack_van's closing that I came up with this idea.

    I wanted to keep track of every place where I've made recs, and I figured a post here would be easier than tagging recs in my Pinboard account (and they are badly tagged, I know). So I'll be updating this post whenever I can, going to various communities to find my recs.

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    merryghoul: tosh jail (tosh jail)
    Title: Trapped in the Village
    Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
    Fandom: Torchwood
    Pairing(s): gen (Toshiko Sato, Suzie Costello, Jack Harkness, Milton, OCs)
    Rating: R
    Warning: graphic violence
    Word Count: 15273
    Summary: Was the memory of Tosh being imprisoned in "Fragments" a truth, or was it a fabrication? In 2009, after Torchwood Three's headquarters was blown up, a draft of a report written by Tosh stated she was kidnapped by a "Milton" and imprisoned in a Welsh village for over a year. The story of how she escaped this village and eventually joined Torchwood is as astonishing as Tosh's short life and career with Torchwood.
    Author's Note: Although this story is AU, certain canonical facts of Toshiko's life before Torchwood differ between Torchwood episodes. (Show bible? What show bible?) For this story, the time Tosh is imprisoned and when she joined Torchwood is based on "Fragments" as opposed to the year given in Mary's account on Tosh's life in "Greeks Bearing Gifts" as well as the date the TARDIS Index File gives on Tosh's imprisonment (2004).

    Also thanks to my beta [ profile] pollyglump.

    Dreamwidth (one post)

    Art Post: here, at [personal profile] hollymarchosias' comm [community profile] marchosias_inc

    Alternate Locations:

    Archive of Our Own
    A Teaspoon and an Open Mind (Whoniverse fic archive)
    merryghoul: tosh bw (tosh bw)
    Title: A Series About Tosh
    Rating: PG-13 (overall)
    Pairing(s)/Character(s): Tommy/Tosh, Suzie/Tosh, Adam/Tosh, Owen/Tosh, Mary
    Contains: see individual entries for content notes
    Spoilers: in general, up until the end of season two of Torchwood
    Summary: A series examining some of Tosh's love interests from the last years of her life. For [community profile] torchwood_fest .

    Tommy (The Frozen One-Day Boyfriend) | Mary (The Arcateenian) | Suzie (The Living Dead Ex-Girlfriend) | Adam (Unknown, But Forgotten) | Owen (The Human)

    The series on AO3


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